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Welcome to Route 78 West, a long-running radio show that connects old and new music, filling in the dots...
Sundays, for 11 years, Uncle Jeff peddled Honky Tonk, Trucker Songs, Spaghetti Westerns, Surf and live sessions on Radio 1190. He can now be heard on KGNU the first and third Wednesdays on the Morning Sound Alternative, from 9:30-Noon.
You can listen to podcasts and .mp3 archives of the shows with Uncle Jeff, spinning down the by-ways and blind alleys of Americana's past and future. Roam the range via old scratchy 78's and futuristic jet-packs...
The show can be eclectic at times, but the song remains the same... Click on PLAYLIST above for mp3 archives, or subscribe to the Podcast.
Lay down, relax, surrender to the Void... There are plenty of obscure gems sprinkled in them there archives, provided for your listening pleasure...
Thanks for tuning in!