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Route 78 West shows are available via podcast.

Podcast A complete 2 hour show
Podcasts are mp3 format & about 110mb

To use the podcast feed you will need a program such as iPodder or iTunes. Both are free.

To subscribe open iPodder or iTunes and add a new feed. Do this by right clicking on the podcast icon. Next choose copy link from the drop down menu and paste the link into the url box for your new feed in the iPodder software. You will only need to do this once. After that you're subscribed.

Now click update feed and iPodder will check all your subscriptions. When the Route 78 West podcast feed is updated the software will automatically download the new audio file. Each download is a complete 2 hour show. Listen to the podcast with any device or software that plays mp3s.

You can also manually download show audioaudio from the playlist archives.

We hope you enjoy listening to Route 78 West.