Route 78 West 12/20/2009 back
Show #450 The Owl and the Fox-Best Songs of 2009


 track  artist, song-label, format
  01     Hank Williams, I've Been Down That Road Before-Time Life, CD [box set]
02     Hank Williams, Steal Away/The Funeral-Time Life box, CD [for "Boots"]
03     Lefty Frizzell, Treasures Untold-Jasmine, CD
04     Reno & Smiley, Last Mile-Starday
05     Jimmie Bryant, Bryant's Boogie-Capitol, 78 [Quonset Hut]
-break 10:20 mst
06     Tennesse Ernie Ford/Eddie Kirk, Leetle Juan Pedro-Capitol, 78 [Quonset Hut]
07     Bonanza Xmas Montage-LP
08     St. Basil's Academy Childrens Choir, Ti Khara-Red Flexi
09     City of Thundebirds, Thunderchiefs-Wormtone
10     Los Corona, Hacha de Guerra-Isotonic, CD
-break 10:42 mst
11     Rick Tomlinson, Surfin' UAE-Honest Jon's, LP [Open Strings]
12     Mark McGuire, Burning Leaves-VDSQ, LP
13     Josephine Foster, I Could Bring You Jewels-Had I A Mind To-Fire Records, LP
14     Alela Diane, To Be Still-Rough Trade, CD
-break 11:05 mst
15     David Rawlings, To Be Young, To Be Sad, Is To be High-Acony, CD
16     Harry Taussig, RR Bill & Co-Tompkins Square, LP
17     Peter Walker, Sunshine-Harte Records
18     Om, Cremation Ghat I-Drag City, LP
19     Robert Fripp, Silent Night-EG red flexi [1978]
-break 11:24 mst
20     Richmond Fontaine, Watch Out-Arena Rock Records, CD
21     Patterson Hood, Screwtopia-Ruth St. Records, CD
22     Phosphorescent, Pick Up the Tempo-Drag City, CD
23     Ilyas Ahmed, Out Again-Rootstrata, CD
-break 11:43 mst
24     Emeralds, Living Room-Wagon/Gneiss Things, LP
25     Moonspeed, The Water's Edge-Flight Approved Records, CD
26     Jay Farrar and Ben Gibbard, One Fast Move Or I'm Gone-Atlantic, CD
-break 13:01 mst
27     Sonic Youth, Massage The History-Matador Records, CD

I monitored this show from floor 6 overlooking the Chicago metroplex. Every so often I see east bound commuters click-clacking along the tracks. 20 minutes will have that train pulling into Union Station

Nite before last I met Conor and Ed in Chicago for dinner. It was a nice winter evening by Chicago standards. No ice, No snow. 26 degrees. I caught the 6:03 and headed east to the city passing by Berwyn, Cicero, Western Avenue... the next stop is Halsted Street! HAL - - -STED is next! A conductor used to yell that in a way only a real train man can. Now it's a recorded voice. Not long after that it's the end of the line, Union Station. From the station it's a nine block walk to where I'm headed, Reckless Records.

This part of Chicago is called the Loop because the elevated train system makes a loop around the area. The L is constructed over the streets and every 5 minutes or so a train goes by ricocheting noise off the buildings creating a sort of light and noise show. Add traffic sound and city people talk and that's the atmosphere. Reckless Records is maybe 3 store-fronts from the L, ie the Blue Line, and midway between Michigan Avenue and State Street... the heart of the city. As I approached the store I could see Conor inside at the sales counter with a phone jammed between his head and shoulder yacking it up with a smile on his face. I got in there and did the hello stuff and Conor was like, "Man, have you heard this?" And he would run out to the stacks and grab some used CD that just came in and play it and I would say I like that... and by closing I had 3 CDs and a cassette to ring up!

By this time Ed had showed up and the store doors were locked and a flask appeared. After a few minutes of sipping and browsing a few more records we got out of there and headed to a nearby restaurant and spent a few hours drinking, eating, talking and Conor got yelled at by some woman when he used the ladies bathroom cause the men's was flooded. As we left Ed saw a juke box and it had some good tunes, but we were now headed toward to the Exchequer Tavern on Wabash for a nite cap. It's just about under the elevated tracks. Walked in and right away Conor saw a girl he knew who had just graduated from the Art Institute, so we sat down and got some drinks. The tavern was green and yellowinside and served good strong drinks. We sat in a group and talked some more till I absolutely had to leave to catch the 11:40 train (last one).

Outside the weather had changed. There was about half an inch of snow on the ground. Conor had rode his bike to work, but now too slippery to ride it. The three of us head toward Union Station. Ed split off to catch the Blue Line back to his place to pack for a early next day flight to NY. Conor and I continued walking along snow slick Adams toward Union Station talking about what else... his love interests. When we got to the Chicago River and said our goodbyes Conor headed to Pilsen on the lower west side and I ran down the steps and out to my train and caught it with a few minutes to spare. It was a good nite.