Route 78 West 12/13/2009 back
Show #449 Chariots Of Judah


 track  artist, song-label, format
  01     Robert Wilkins, That's No Way To Get Along-Blue Images, CD
02     Rolling Stones, Poor Boy [out take]
03     Ry Cooder, Crow Black Chicken-CD
04     Jay Farrar & Benjamin Gibbard, These Roads Don't Move-Atlantic, CD
05     Johnny Horton, Sugar Coated-Columbia, CD
- break 10:15 am
06     Gram Parsons, In My Hour Of Darkness
07     Karl Story, Mighty Close To Heaven-Cattle, LP
08     Grateful Dead, In The Pines [for Clay]
09     Red Cloud, Hot Wyoming Sun [unreleased] [Ross' previous band]
- break 10:33 am
10     Ross Etherton and the Chariots of Judah, Any Port In A Storm [live in studio]
11     Ross Etherton and the Chariots of Judah, Kingdom Gonna Come [live in studio]
12     Ross Etherton and the Chariots of Judah, Levi Translation [live in studio]
- break 10:46 am
13     Red Cloud, Green Grocer-Not Bad World Industries, CD
14     Television, Days-Elektra, LP
- break 11:04 am
15     Magnolia Electric Co, Rider. Shadow. Wolf.-Secretly Canadian, 45 [Steve Albini sessions]
16     Ross Etherton and the Chariots of Judah, Coyote [live in studio]
17     Ross Etherton and the Chariots of Judah, Hard Road [live in studio]
18     Ross Etherton and the Chariots of Judah, We Might Not Make It Home [live in studio]
- break 11:26 am
19     Abdul Hussein Khan Shahnazi, Mavaraounnahr-Honest Jon's Records, LP
20     Ross Etherton jams on Saz [live in studio]
- break 11:32 am
21     The Holy Modal Rounders, Spring '65-Sundazed, CD [1971]
22     Joshua Emery Blatchley, Hawthorne Street Rag Part 1-Old Flame, CD [new]
- break 11:46 am
23     Rambling Tommy Scott, The Santa Claus Suffle [1947]
24     Noel [instrumental]
25     Patterson Hood, Winona-New West, CD
26     The Holy Modal Rounders, The Whole World Oughta Go On A Vacation-Sundazed, CD (1971)
- break 12:00 pm Goodbyes and Thank You's

We were fortunate to have local talent Ross Etherton and the Chariots of Judah in our studio today. You may know Ross via previous band Red Cloud. His new band includes Trevor Morris on drums and Jeremy Ziehe on bass. Ross is a talented songwriter and guitar player. During the show he indicated he has about 17 new songs which will be recorded for a CD release. I hope the new material is pressed and distributed in early 2010... as it is great stuff. If you're excited to see Ross Etherton and the Chariots of Judah make sure to be at the Hi-Dive on December 19th.

Post-show at the Rio Grande. We were happy to see our friend and fellow music guru Mike. As usual the service was great, the food tasty and the liquor strong.

Next week will feature the top songs of 2009, plus a few holiday songs for old times.

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