Route 78 West 11/15/2009 back
Show #445 Laconic Roadshow + Tupelo


 track  artist, song-label, format
  01     Sons of the Pioneers, Carry Me Back to the Lone Prairie
02     Foy Willings, Detour-Cowgirlboy Records, LP
03     Tom Clancey, Moonshiner
04     Jimmy Work, Blue Grass Tickling My Feet
05     Marvin Rainwater, Hard Luck Blues, Bear Family, LP
- break 10:19 am
06     Halden Wofford & The Hi-Beams, Rambling Man (rare)
07     Skeeter McDonald, You're There
08     Drive-By Truckers, Thank God For The TVA-New West, CD
- break 10:33 am
09     The Iridescents, Bali High
10     Avengers Four, Good Humor Stomp
11     The Chevelles, Rip Tide
- break 10:43 am
12     Mogwai, D to E, [tour EP, for Charles]
13     Richard Buckner, 22
14     Uncle Tupelo, No Depression [begin Tupelo's last show]
15     Uncle Tupelo, Chickamaunga [more info]
16     Uncle Tupelo, Grindstone
- break 11:00 am
17     Uncle Tupelo, Satan You're Kingdom Must Come Down
18     Uncle Tupelo, Fifteen Keys
19     Uncle Tupelo, Long Cut
- break 11:09 am
20     Uncle Tupelo, Anodyne
- break 11:15 am
21     Uncle Tupelo, New Madrid
22     Uncle Tupelo, Atomic Power
23     Uncle Tupelo, Acuff-Rose
24     Uncle Tupelo, We've Been Had
- break 11:30 am
25     Uncle Tupelo, Give Back The Key To My Heart
26     Uncle Tupelo, Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere
27     Uncle Tupelo, Whiskey Bottle
28     Uncle Tupelo, Looking For A Way Out [final track of the Mississippi Nights show, 5.1.1994]
- break 11:53 am
29     Uncle Tupelo, Sandusky
30     Uncle Tupelo, Life Worth Livin'
Notes: The weather forecasts are so good I can plan for a day of recluse and have the necessaries stockpiled. So was the case this weekend. Saturday was spent running errands and wrangling supplies for my possible entrapment.

A few raindrops hit the windshield as I left for my final stop of the day. Pulled into a metered spot on Colfax, dropped a quarter in the slot and headed into Twist And Shout. After a quick look at some used audio equipment I steered toward the counter to pick up my copy of OM's God Is Good. I'd been looking forward to hearing this CD for the past week. My Rocket Card saved me 10%. I was : ), got in the car and pulled out into traffic with a coffee in one hand and an oatmeal cookie between my teeth. A few flakes of snow hit the windshield as I passed Speer. I headed west knowing I had all the supplies needed for whatever fell from the sky.

Got to the house and cranked up the stereo. As I listened to Om the snow came down. I relaxed with a hot, whiskey enriched, eggnog and stared at a photo of a musical idol, Steve Albini. By the way, God Is Good is quite a musical trip toward the bright light. So there I sat in my humble shack listening and reading liner notes and wondering. Lots of wondering.

Today's show was solo DJ'd by Uncle Jeff and contained most of the tracks from the final performance of the Sadhu of Alt Country, Uncle Tupelo. Very good stuff...oh yes, very good.

ALSO... Japandroids at the Larimer Lounge, November 22.

See you next week for another installment of Route 78 West.