Route 78 West 10/18/2009 back
Show #441 Indian Summer


 track  artist, song-label, format
  01     The Prairie Ramblers, Ghost In The Graveyard [1935]
02     Patsy Montana, I Didn't Know The Gun Was Loaded-CD
03     Johnny Horton, The Devil Made A Masterpiece [1953]
04     Hal Lone Pine & Betty Cody, Pale Moon-Bear Family, CD
- break 10:12 am
05     Carolina Cotton, Cattle Call-Cattle Records, LP
06     Loretta Lynn, Trouble On The Line-Interscope, CD
07     George Morgan and Shirley Dale, A Cheap Affair-Castle Records, LP
08     Jimmy Wakely, Sweethearts Or Strangers-Bronco Busters, CD [#9040]
09     Woody Guthrie, Grand Coulee Dam-Smithsonian Folkways, CD
- break 10:25 am
10     Dave Loggins, Please Come To Boston-Epic, 45
11     Woody Guthrie, So Long It's Been Good To Know You-Smithsonian Folkways, CD
12     Autry Inman, Ballad Of Two Brothers-Epic, 45 (5-10389, ZSP 138181
13     Leon Redbone, Haunted House-CD
14     Bob Dylan, Repossession Blues [rare]
- break 10:47 am
15     Beat Happening, Indian Summer-Sub Pop, CD
16     Rolling Stones, Indian Girl [rare]
17     Paul Kelly and the Messengers, Somebody's Letting Somebody Down-CD [1989] *hot trak
- break 11:04 am
18     Black Crowes, Fork In The River [download]
19     Patterson Hood, She's A Little Randy-Ruth St., CD
20     Steve Earle, I'm Looking Through You-Warner, CD
21     Van Morrison, Bulbs-Warner Brothers, CD [1974]
22     Leonard Cohen, The Stranger Song-Sony, CD [new]
- break 11:28 am
23     Ross Etherton and the Chariots of Judah, Kingdom Gonna Come [demo]
24     Mark O'Conor, Midnight On The Water-Rounder, LP
25     سهق قهؤاشقي لاهساخح, Olive Oasis-Honest Jons Records [HJRLP39] [Sir Richard Bishop]
26     The Illusions, Nightmare-CD [today's one and only surf trak]
- break 11:43 am
27     Michael Gibbons, Stray Thoughts On Death and Satan-Three Lobed Recordings, LP [2007]

Incredible fall day. The usual pre-winter chores were put on hold as I celebrated the perfect weather. Don't get my story wrong, I did my gutter cleaning and leaf raking later in the day and into the darkness. Even the nite was mild. Finally got out the lawnchair one last time and sat on the front porch, in the dark, with a strong drink. I looked at the stars and rang my new prayer bell... and smiled cause it's all so comfortable here within the urban interface backgrounded by freight trains and barking dogs.

Todays hot trak was by Paul Kelly and the Messengers. Don't forget to pick up a copy of The Local Shakedown's Compilation #3. I listened to all 41 traks and it's great. This CD of all local Denver bands is the answer to any Christmas gift requirement. See you next week.

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