Route 78 West 10/11/2009 back
Show #440 Warriors of Winter


 track  artist, song-label, format
  01     Joni Mitchell, Urge for Going-Asylum, 45
02     Jimmy Wakely Trio, The Trail is Way Too Long-Bronco, CD
03     Sunshine Boys, Who's Gonna Chop My Baby's Kindling-Cattle, LP
04     T. Texas Tyler, Snow on the Mountain-Cattle, LP
- break
05     Graham Lindsey, Nobody's Gonna Miss Me-CD
06     Roger Miller, Boing Boing 707-Smash, 45
07     Les Paul, Song of the Islands-Decca, 78
08     Beatles, Yesterday [Anthology demo]
- break
09     Jimmy Work, Surrounded by Water and Bars-Bear Family, LP
10     Jimmy Work, Who's Been Here Since I've Been Gone-Bear Family, LP
11     Mary Martin, My Heart Belongs To Daddy-78
- break
12     Scud Mountain Boys, 1/2 Way-Sub Pop, 45
13     Son Volt, Cocaine and Ashes-Rounder, CD
14     Byrds, Sing Me Back Home-Sony/Legacy, CD [live 2/69]
15     Richmond Fontaine, Hector's Hideaway-CD [Whiskey, Painkillers & Speed live]
- break
16     Magnolia Electric Co, Rider. Shadow. Wolf.-45
17     The Squires, Green Surf-CD [Surfer's Mood vol. 1]
18     Phantom Surfers, Gas Chamber-Crown, LP
19     Kenny & the Fiends, Moon Shot-CD [Surfer's Mood vol. 1]
20     America, Ventura Highway-Reprise, 45
21     Skawboy, Bich Boys-Isotonic, CD [Spaguetti & Chili Western]
- break
22     Monsters of Folk, The Right Place-CD
23     The Attack, Magic in the Air-45 [demo, for Mr. Ed]
- break
24     Grails, Acid Rain-Important Rec, LP
Notes: No notes today. Check the Denver/Boulder concert scene.