Route 78 West 10/4/2009 back
Show #439 Lemon Pledge


 track  artist, song-label, format
  01     Iron And Wine, Smokestack Lightning [rare]
02     Hank Williams, Lost Highway-MGM, LP
- break 10:14 am
03     Dale Watson, Loose Nut Behind the Wheel-Koch, CD
04     Johnny Cash, Lonesome Me-Sun, LP
- break 10:23 am
05     Wilco, Via Chicago [rare, Jeff's all-time favorite]
06     Wabash Cannonball-Pontiac, 10"LP [PLP-511]
- break 10:35 am
07     The Jayhawks, Tampa To Tulsa [rare]
08     Al Terry, Roughneck Blues-Hickory, 45 [1965]
- break 10:46 am
09     Bob Dylan, Talking New York-Columbia, LP
10     Richmond Fontaine, Don't Go Back There [rare]
- break 10:59 am
11     Jesse Sykes & the Sweet Hereafter, Weary Blues From Waiting-Bloodshot, CD
12     Gillian Welch, Look At Miss Ohio-Acony, CD
- break 11:11 am
13     Alasdair Roberts, Riddle Me This [rare]
14     The Cyrkle, Like A Red Rubber Ball-Sony, CD
15     Gravenhurst, Black Holes In The Sand [rare]
- break 11:31 am
16     Matthew Sweet, Someone To Pull The Trigger [rare]
17     Neil Young, Revolution Blues [rare]
18     Son Volt, Roll On-Rounder, CD
- break 11:47 am
19     Jesse Sykes & the Sweet Hereafter, Sweet Nothing [rare VU cover]
Notes: We enjoyed a wondrous Sunday pledge drive. As usual our listeners wormed out of the wood and gave all they could in support of Independent Radio 1190. At times through the year we wonder about what the hell we're doing, but today it all pays off. Of course you all realize our lives are measured in semesters and arranged by genre. We're only trying to survive in a commercial world.

The crew of music gadgeteers included Jeff, Loki, Charles and myself. After the pledges were tallied Route 78 West had sold close to 300 watts of broadcast signal... and we promise not to put marble floors in this ramshackle basement studio.

All pledges during our time-slot of 5 WATTS or more will receive the Lemon Pledge CD. Thanks and see you next week.

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