Route 78 West 9/6/2009 back
Show #436 Working Class Hero


 track  artist, song-label, format
  01     Vogues, 5 O'Clock World
02     Lee Dorsey, Working In A Coal Mine
03     Roger Miller, Kansas City Star
- break
04     Lucinda Williams, Fruits of My Labor
05     Slim Jacobs, That's Truck Drivin'
06     Edie Kirk, Freight Train Breakdown [1978]
07     Bob Dylan, Ghost Riders In the Sky-[Possum Belly Overalls, Nashville 1970]
- break
08     Troy Hess, Please Don't Go Topless Mother
09     Lamplighters, Salty Dog-78
- break
10     Rolling Stones, Factory Girl [Beggars Banquet outtake]
11     Whiskeytown, Factory Girl-45
12     Bob Dylan, Maggie's Farm [with the Hawks 1965 LA]
13     Plastic Ono Band, Working Class Hero [family-safe edit]
14     John Mellencamp, Jackie Brown [acoustic 45 B-side]
- break
15     Cyrkle, Turn Down Day
16     Neil Young, Southern Pacific [mono 45 mix]
17     Erika Pomerance, You Used to Think [ESP 1968]
18     Alasdair Roberts, Hazel Forks
19     Holy Modal Rounders, Apple Cider-LP
20     Down By the River/Sample-delic Construction-Low/Dirty Three/Chipper Charles
- break
21     Porter Wagoner, Tomorrow We'll Retire
22     Roy Acuff, Where the Soul Never Dies-LP
23     Rolling Stones, Salt of the Earth-[outtake]
24     Velvet Underground, Sweet Nuthin/original and Demo
- break
25     Neil Young, Cough Up the Bucks
Notes: Post traumatic show recovery was held on the Hill amidst the orange/crayola yellow-shirted hordes celebrating some obsure ritual with a buffalo on their shirts. It was pretty interesting how many variations in style were being exhibited. Some girls wore one sleeve pulled down showing a black bra-strap, some tore off half to show taught bare midriffs and some had strange war-paint that surely represents some secret code of all-knowingness to the select enlightened masses, possibly related to a mating ritual... -JH.